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Inflatable Operators Training Academy

Welcome to the Jump Train Online Academy

At Jump Train Online Academy we believe that the secret to your success is customer satisfaction. The root of customer satisfaction is knowledge.

Training builds not only the knowledge your crew needs but also gives them the confidence to execute the delivery flawlessly.

Jump Train Online Academy was created by seasoned pros that spared no expense in creating a course that not only trains your staff but also trains your customers as well.

We believe that all Party Rental Operators should have affordable opportunities to empower their brand with all the tools to be SAFE and successful.

Welcome to JumpTrain Academy

Featured Courses

Inflatables Training Level 1

Inflatables Level 1

In Inflatable Course Level 1 you can learn all of the basic skills to set up, break down, anchoring, blowers, cords, load and unload trucks and basic generator operation.

Inflatables Training Level 1

Vehicle Operations

Vehicle Operations covers basic skills in both combination vehicle ( truck and trailer ) and box truck operations. This is where a large portion of issues come from and we believe that with training these issues can be reduced tremendously.